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4 Hands Massage
An aromatic relaxing massage performed by 2 therapists in a synchronize manner to efficiently relax the whole body. This is a perfect choice that ensures maximum attention & care....   read more

Body Scrub & Body Wrap
Body Scrub - Taking out all the dead cells which you cannot do by yourself and it also help to tighten open pores. Body Wrap - It's a heat treatment it's good after the body scrub because your pores will be open. It's help the mineral go deep ...   read more

Thai Massage with herbal compress
A Thai exoctic choice which combines Ancient Thai/Oil/Foot massage with herbal ball heat treatment. The 22 types of herb are selected especially to tackle muscle tension and work most efficiently when heated. Also along with the massage, the steamed ...   read more

Ancient Thai Massage
The technique developed in temple grounds by masters in healing. It is pressure points technique, combines muscle soft squeezing, and body and limbs stretching. Therapists spend quite even time on different parts of the body to heal & relax the body....   read more

Aromatic Detoxifying Massage-Thalgo
A combination of specific massage technique with Thalgo Aromaceane Detox essential, which helps elimination of toxins and water retention, The formula concentrate is enriched with essential oils of Lavender, Magnolia, Rose, Romance Chamomile an Bitte...   read more