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The Thai Spa concept has ranked among the world's ?Top 5? spa genres for almost a decade, and there is a highly positive ?buzz? about the Thai Spa experience among leading international travel, leisure and lifestyle publications.


Thai Spas embody a rich healing tradition based on herbal and holistic remedies, generations of folk wisdom and centuries-old healing techniques. Many of the healing and well-being therapies featured on the contemporary Thai Spa menu have been adopted and adapted from such practices.


The initial wave of Thai spas was fuelled in part by the arrival of international operators and spa consultants who brought with them experience and expertise to establish and manage high-quality spa operations. This led to the emergence of several major players such as the Mandara and the Spa of Siam, and the six chain hotels with their own distinctive spa brands namely - the Banyan Tree, Angsana, Six Senses, Centara by the Central Hotels & Resorts, and Devarana by the Dusit Group.

It is forecasted that The Hotel/Resort Spa sector will be leading the future growth of the spa sector with an increasing number of hotel properties in Thailand expected to launch their own spa products in the coming year. Many more deluxe hotels will be adding spa facilities and offering their in-house line of spa products and services.

As for product development, I firmly believes that holistic healing is the best model for Thailand. As more and more new operators crowd the market, survival of the fittest will be decided by the ability to differentiate oneself. Those who make the effort to go beyond beauty salon-style pampering will most certainly find the venture into the spa business more economically rewarding and sustainable.


Golf and spa were once considered the domains of the rich and famous. Yet, today these activities have become healthy lifestyle pursuits that are readily accepted and accessible to people from all walks of life. However, finding this combination under one roof is still rare. With the growing demand for more satisfying experiences for golfers and their families, these industries are naturally gravitating towards one another.

The Thai Spa Concept ?No matter what you call a treatment or where it is given, no matter what ingredients, oils or essences you use?the most natural, pure and healing thing in the world is the caring touch.? --Ian Bell, Spa Manager, The Aman Spa

Thailand has a long tradition of herbal healing, influenced by the Indian Ayurvedic system, ancient Chinese practices and Thai folklore. The Thai Spa Concept embraces the true spirit of holistic healing, and the rejuvenation and relaxation focus of the Thai Spa complements the therapeutic focus of many wellness and medical spas found in Europe and North America.