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Our Philosophy
“We bring our passion into our profession. Uniquely Mulberry, we care to indulge our guests with outstanding yet affordable qualities”

Mulberry spa was created to offer an unforgettable day spa experience with beautiful and professional surroundings. With our premium services and very refined treatments and products, guests are ensured a nurturing, luxurious and pampered touch by our well-trained staff.

Innovations, efficiency and Thai pride are our promise for what we offer in each of your visits. Mulberry’s Thai health and beauty therapies, where the real “East meets West” is sourced from ancient practices blended with modern techniques, are introduced to rejuvenate your senses from inside out and outside in.

Our name “Mulberry” reflects ‘beginning’ and ‘nurturing’. You are guaranteed to feel fresh and delighted.

I like to surprise the market with our qualities. Our management lives through efficiency. Our core values are to do our best on continuous improvement, to optimize our guest satisfaction and to acquire great products and good team members. We see the importance of fulfilling our therapist’s career paths. It is gratifying to be part of improving a person’s health as well as being able to create employment for local women. Our next move is to support Go Green around our neighborhoods. We aim to be the real Bangkok’s Neighborhood Spa.

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