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Q: Are special request guarantee?
A: As indicated this will depend on each individual availability. We will certainly pass your special request on to the Spa/Resort / Hotel, upon request.
Q: What is main Products Ranges?
A: It?s a Spa & Wellness Therapy Collection, Decor, Feng shui Accessories, Gems Therapy, Alternative Health, Spa Ritual & Oil Burner Set , Sanctuary Potpourri etc.
Q: Do you have Spa Gifts & Premiums catalogue?
A: No, we do not offer Print catalogue because our Gifts and products are updated promotion on monthly base. All of our items are available for viewing ON WEBSITE only.
Q: Is it safe to receive spa treatments if I am taking medication or if I am experiencing some medical problems?
A: Certain medical conditions require you to take prescription medication, and some of these medications do not mix with specific treatments or products. Therefore, it is necessary for us know about your current health status by asking you to complete an extensive health assessment before beginning any treatment program. Furthermore, being a member of the Certified Relais Sant? Spas allows us access to updated documentation on health precautions and possible interactions between treatments and products and prescribed drugs. The information in your health assessment insures that all our professionals will be able to offer treatments that are, not only relaxing, but also safe.
Q: Does Spa Eastman offer special care for pregnant women?
A: At Spa Eastman our dedicated team of therapists are specially trained to offer massage to particular clienteles, such as pregnant women. This gentle massage is perfectly adapted to a pregnant woman?s numerous physical and psychological transformations. The massage helps relieve many of the usual stress and discomfort related to pregnancy. When making your appointment, please inform our personnel that you are pregnant and at what stage you are in your pregnancy. This will allow us to reserve the treatments that are best suited for you.